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We provide scholarships to students based on need.  
Project Scholarship is supported by individual and corporate donations.  The following letters from three school Principals further explain the need for donations to fund additional scholarship students. 

For more information about Project Scholarship or to make a donation, please contact 561-558-0036 or

June 11, 2020 


Dear Parents,

Study Zone of South Florida, Inc. has been a Partner in Education with Sunset Lakes Elementary for the past 10 years. This program offers affordable after school tutoring on campus for students during the school year and in the summer months.  All tutors are School Board of Broward County certified teachers and will remediate and advance instruction in reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics. The fees are substantially lower than the current rate for national centers and private tutors. In addition, select students on free or reduced lunch are awarded scholarships to the program. 

I encourage you to participate in Study Zone of South Florida to improve your child's education. 


Janice Crosby Goulette, Principal

Sunset Lakes Elementary School


June 22, 2020 

Dear Colleague,

I have had the pleasure of working with Study Zone of South Florida, Inc. this year at Quiet Waters Elementary.  I brought this program to my school because of wonderful experiences in past schools that I have worked at including Sea Castle Elementary and Sunset Lakes Elementary.  I have worked with this company both as a teacher and in the last several years as an administrator and have always been impressed with the many benefits of the program.  The program has been offered both during the school year and during summer break and in doing so has afforded many families the opportunity to either provide additional academic assistance or enrichment opportunities for their child(ren) from certified teachers and in the comfort of their own school.  The low cost and flexible schedules have helped many be able to participate and scholarships are also available for those on free or reduced lunch.  Certified teachers tutor our students in various subjects based on their needs and considerations for any support services provided during the school day are also provided when able.  This program is an excellent resource for our students and families and have helped many in improving their academic skills and abilities.  I am more than satisfied in being able to continue to offer this program to the students of Quiet Waters Elementary and to be able to provide this opportunity to our teachers to be their tutors as well.


Mrs. Denise Lizano

Asst. Principal, Quiet Waters Elementary



June 19, 2018 

To Whom It May Concern,

Westglades Middle School has partnered with Study Zone of South Florida, Inc. for the past 15 years.  They conduct an after school and summer tutoring program for remediation and enrichment of our students.  Broward County certified teachers are used as tutors to increase our students' reading comprehension, writing and mathematics skills.  Study Zone's fees are much lower than those charged by the national learning centers and private tutors.  This allows many more families to take advantage of the program.  This program has been very successful in reinforcing academic gains and allows our students to receive tutoring easily since it occurs right on our campus.  We feel that this service benefits the school as well as the students.  Some students on free or reduced lunch are given scholarships to the program which is a huge boost in academic gains for these students.


Matthew Bianchi

Westglades Middle School, Principal