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We provide scholarships to students based on need.  Project Scholarship is supported by individual and corporate donations.  The following two letters from two school Principals further explain the need for donations to fund additional scholarship students. 

For more information about Project Scholarship or to make a donation, please contact 561-558-0036 or

May 5, 2014
Dear Mr. Danz,
I am writing this letter to let you know how much we appreciate all that Study Zone of South Florida, Inc. has done for New Renaissance Middle School.  By offering scholarships, many of our academically, low performing students with minimal finances available to pay for tutoring, are now afforded the opportunity to a "new lease" on life.
New Renaissance Middle School has at least 79% of the student body on free or reduced lunch.  In addition, there are a significant number of academically challenged students who are attending our school who would benefit from your support.  If you are successful in sponsoring any fundraising projects, we would certainly appreciate your allocating money for additional student scholarships.

I urge any individual who is in a financial position to donate to this most worthy cause to assist with our struggling students.  You have probably heard the expression, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste."  Your financial aid will help develop these minds.

Please feel free to contact me at (754) 323-3505(754) 323-3505, if I can provide further information regarding our school and the students who attend New Renaissance Middle School.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Janet Morales, Principal

April 19, 2017
Dear Colleague,
I am proud to announce that Study Zone of South Florida, Inc. has been an educational partner with Sunset Lakes Elementary for the past four years.  The program is offered as an after school tutoring program in our school for students during the school year and in the summer.  They use Broward County certified teachers to tutor our students in reading comprehension andor mathematics.  Since they charge fees that are much lower than those by the national centers and much lower than private tutors many more families can take advantage of the program.  We find the program to be excellent in advancing the students' academic levels.  Some students on free or reduced lunch are given scholarships to the program.
Best Regards,
Marc Charpentier - Principal